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Say hello to Zahnm!!! He is a year and a half old labradoodle!! He is a big giant full of energy and lots of love! If u are interested in adopting this big boy contact the shelter ASAP!! He won’t be here long! Adoption fee is $75 and includes neuter, microchip, current vaccinations, de-worming, and free vet check.

We lost Gwennie, our beloved 15 1/2-year old dog on Father’s Day 2012. I didn’t think I’d want another dog, but eight days later, I was at the Hancock Shelter looking to adopt. My heart had a huge hole in it. I couldn’t replace Gwennie, buy I felt our family needed another dog. I knew what I was looking for…a young dog weighing about 20-pounds with wiry fur (less shedding). Zoey fit the bill perfectly. I adopted her that day and brought her home two days later.

It was a rough road at first. Gibson, our other dog who is now about 15 was not a fan of Zoey, and she certainly didn’t care for him. They fought so much that we debated returning Zoey to the shelter. I was devastated and couldn’t imagine returning her, so we decided to giver her one last chance. We took her to obedience training which helped greatly. We also learned to all keep an eye on her whenever she is around Gibson. In the seven months we’ve had her, she has become a very important part of our family. She is the funniest little dog, and we couldn’t imagine her not being with us. And, as you can tell from her picture, she’s pretty darn cute too!

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