Oliver’s Story

Oliver’s story starts many years before I found him. I adopted a very sick yellow kitten from the YMCA Shelter in Ocean Springs, I actually brought him home to bury him since he was so sick. He lived for almost 13-years. I named him Ratty Rat and everyone loved him. he walked on a leash and would actually go with me on events with the Humane Society. he also loved to go on bike rides. I would put him in a backpack and away we would go. After he passed, I so wanted another cat. I searched the Humane Society for weeks and never found the right one.

One Friday I happened to stop by Pet Smart in D’Iberville and I couldn’t BELIEVE it. There was my new cat. he was just like Ratty! I called my husband at work, I was in tears. I couldn’t believe how much he looked and acted like Ratty. We adopted him that day. He was a 9-month old yellow tabby named Reese.

When we brought him home, he looked and acted so much like Ratty, our dogs thought he was Ratty. He fit right into our family.

Since we adopted him from Waveland Animal Shelter, I wanted to give something back. I saw an ad in the Sun Herald saying they needed volunteers to help at Pet Smart. I applied and have been helping Georgia at Pet Smart for Saturday adoption events.

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